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Mineral water is usually bottled at the source of natural springs that not only tap fresh and natural drinking water, but also include substances that in many cases are extremely advantageous to our bodies. If you are interested in drinking mineral water as opposed to tap water or other types of bottled beverages, here are a few of mineral water’s known benefits.

Most mineral waters include similar attributes that make them helpful in achieving optimal health.

  • Mineral water is extremely helpful in replenishing not only water that is naturally lost from the body, but it also helps to balance electrolytes due to the fact that mineral water is full of electrolytes (minerals) which naturally dissolve in the water.

  • Mineral water is also known to help combat bacteria and funguses.

  • Mineral water is consumed by many on a daily basis to help detoxify the body of potentially harmful substances. These substances are usually known as toxins and can affect the body negatively in many ways.

  • Finally, many individuals that drink mineral water on a daily basis do so for its therapeutic properties. Many believe that mineral waters can reduce pain, aches and swelling due to the inflammation of muscles and joints.

Others believe that mineral water can play a role in curing certain types of diseases and chronic conditions.

Substances Found in Mineral Water

While mineral waters differ on the type and amount of minerals found in each, some of the popular types of minerals that are found in a variety of popular mineral waters include:

Magnesium - This substance can be instrumental in strengthening the immune system, relaxing the body and muscles and even help lower blood pressure.

Chloride and Bicarbonates - These substances are also found in mineral water, they can play a role in digestion and assist in keeping acid balanced within the stomach and upper and lower intestines.

Iron - Iron is also found in small quantities in many different types of mineral waters. Iron is a necessary mineral that is used by our blood to deliver oxygen throughout the body.

Sulfate - Also found in many different types of mineral waters and is used by our body as a cleansing and detoxifying agent. The introduction of the mineral revitalization water purification systems was supposed to counter the disadvantages. of reverse osmosis, distillation and other purification methods that remove naturally occurring minerals.